Sunday, 21 August 2016

July Was Forgiving

I apologise I skipped July's journal! So even though it's August already, today's post is a sort of resume of what happened on the past month.

[!] - This post refers to my 'online' life unless stated.

Ever since I joined the server/game rTO back in the middle to the end of June, I never had the opportunity to fully open myself to others. I didn't really have the people to call 'friends' but I would occasionally talk to the people I saw in the game's PvP.

It had been almost 3 years and a half since the last time I played TO (trickster online), and although it's not the same server, the games was still the game as I remembered, obviously with some adjustments (but you get the idea).

I wasn't able to find my old friends (except one) or close guildmates, but I re-encountered people that somehow remembered me, and of course new friends! I joined this server a little too late, though. Many people had quit months to years back leading the server to be less populated.

Some players afk-vend, some have multiple characters and play them at the same time, and some are active players. The main map/town is what I like to call a "zombie town". They are alive, but they're also dead.

The story:

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bad news + Small morning rant

It's not that bad. I just lost a course in university. The subject was Typography II. Throughout the whole semester, the class has to do three projects. One is individual work, while the rest were done by groups of two.

I did pretty well on the individual project, and seeing how well I did in the very first project I expected to do the same with the other two. I don't really mind my group-mate. She works and does stuff we propose. But whenever I work with her, I cannot design the way I want to. It's not that bad, it happens. We're supposed to design and work together.. decide on stuff even if one doesn't truthfully like the idea.

We failed at the second project, and even so we had to continue and focus onto the third and last project. The latter was due to last week. We barely passed. But we were pleased. Now we only had to re-work on the second project, the only one we failed.

Yesterday was the retake. Unfortunately, the teacher didn't like it and therefore we failed the entire course. I was utterly shocked, never in my life had I failed a course. I didn't cry, I didn't sob.. nothing. My mind was blank and that was it.

However, by the end of the day I bursted into tears. I felt guilty, not because it was my fault for us failing, but because I told my brother about it. He works to pay my tuition yet I failed a course. I even left another course mid-way because it was physical and mentally destroying me (the one I was ranting about in my previous post). I wasted his efforts. But he was surprisingly nice, and patted my back while I was laying upside down. He softly told me it's okay, it happens.

Such simple words, such short sentence.. and it makes one feel better. I stopped crying, and now I hope for better things to happen. That was the end of Wednesday the 29th.

Today's Thursday the 30th. It's the last day of June 2016, and tomorrow I'm updating my tumblr with some drawings I challenged myself to do. But that's not important right now. It's time to mini-rant!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Midterms on the way

Since my previous post, my condition has improved. I can move my fingers just like before. I'm only left with these horrible scars. I hope they return to a 'normal' colour as soon as possible.

Since the first day of college, I've been pretty busy. So busy that there was not even time to procrastinate! I study design, and I'm loaded with projects.

This semester's projects are all done by groups. Either by groups of two and three, and even a group of seven! It's something more like this: Monday-7 members, Tuesday-3 members, Wednesday-2, Thursday-3, Friday-2. I'm okay with all the groups except for the 3-member-group. One of them is the same person from the other groups, while the other one belongs to the same group on Mondays and Thursdays.

Now get ready for my rant:

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

End of 2015, start of 2016

There's a reason why I was inactive these past months.

First of all, I'm visiting my family since Christmas for two months. Time sure flew by and in 5 days I'm going back to the other country where I study for university.

I wanted to buy materials and arts supplies since they're usually cheap here (and my uni requires a lot of them), go to the gym or sports club with my family, hang out with my friends and classmates, and go shopping; but I accomplished just a few of them.

I wish I could revert time so my family and I could move our lazy bodies and do some actual exercise  but it never happened. However, we went to trips and relax in resorts. The trip was fun but it wasn't that special.

As of the latest update, I won't be able to do almost anything. I got severe burns on my fingers/hands except for the pinkies (yes, both hands), and ring and middle fingers (left hand). I also got burnt on my right thigh and on my right forearm. Let's hope it recovers well and quickly.

That's a mirrowed photo btw.
Even so, happy new year everyone!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

TRImarchi 2015, day 3

Before I begin, sorry for the lack of posts. There was so much going on with uni work that I totally forgot about the trimarchi posts. OTL I'll do my best to remember everything that I did on the last day of the trip. ;;;;
September 27th (Sunday)

Friday, 2 October 2015

TRImarchi 2015, day 2

September 26th (saturday)

My friends and I had breakfast in the hotel and later headed to the beach. It was kind of chilly but I managed to dip my feet into the water, while my friends didn't as I was the only one who wore flip-flops.  After a long talk we headed back to hotel to get ready before the bus came to pick us up at 1PM. I think I broke my record of fastest shower I ever took, hahah.

It was already time, so I was kind of panicking. I rushed downstairs till I reached the bus. My friends were walking even though they knew they first had to return the key to the receptionist and that we were short in time! I even told my teachers that my friends were yet to hop onto the bus and to wait for them. But nope. No one listened to me. So the bus went ahead leaving my friends behind.

One of them messaged me saying that they would take a taxi. I called her so that I could know where they were but there was no answer. I kept calling and calling because I was worried. I had already arrived to the coliseum and didn't bother to get inside to hear the talks because I was waiting for my friends to arrive! I kept calling and calling, to both of them. No one answered. Not even a message! I was both frustrated and worried. We're not that familiar with the city, so what if they got lost? Or if they were kidnapped? Stuff like that kept coming to my mind. I missed around two talks already, and they still hadn't showed some life signals UNTIL MUCH LATER with a "we're buying food".

TRImarchi 2015, day 1

September 25th (friday)

My friends and I slept during the morning to recover our energies as we were tired from riding the bus. I woke up to have some breakfast with my other friends, but we found out that the hotel didn't offer us any for the first day. So they headed to some coffee shop nearby while I went back to sleep.

At midday, the university's bus picked us all up and rode us to the coliseum where the conference took place. I ate a hotdog for lunch because there really wasn't anything nice to buy near the coliseum, and I also don't trust their hamburgers or sandwiches because of their lettuce.

The conference had tons of people walking around. There were also people selling stuff (like books, illustrations, stickers, clothes, etc) along the gates of the coliseum.

Anyway, on the first day we had guests like Pimp My CarrocaArseny VesninLiniersKate StoneTony Alva, among others.
The timetable was definitely delayed, so instead of finishing by 7:30PM it finished at around 10PM.

There was a pre-party and a party after the conference, and even though I'm not a party person, I decided to go just because of my friends. We left the coliseum but it was freaking cold! We couldn't even find the school bus until much later. Then it took us back to the hotel. There we were dazing around whether to go to the party or just call it a day. At the end we decided to not go, and instead went for dinner with my other friends.

So we had dinner at midnight and I wanted to order anything with seafood because we were in a city with seas, right?! The closest to seafood I found in the menu was salad with smoked salmon. Eh, well okay, give me that. It was nice and all, but it wasn't the kind of food I wanted. ;-;

Now onto day 2!